Sunday, December 21, 2008

December 21- Reality

I needed this prompt today to remind of what is truly important. If you read my page from yesterday this will make much more sense

American Crafts paper and thickers
Making memories stickers
Teresa Collins journaling card
All products on this page purchased from the awesome on-line store HOUSE OF PAPER


Birdie said...

OMG! Get those boys to get some decorations on that tree! You have a naked tree g/f! I'm afraid of this prompt today - wait until you see what I used to call my scrap room!

Diane said...

My sentiments exactly, both Karen's and Gaye's. It's horrifying when you look at it straight in the face, but overall, it really doesn't matter! So, don't look!

Dawn Lindstrom said...

Karen, your top priority is taking care of you!! The heck with the rest of the stuff.

I too, am over whelmed, but I will not let it win. Enjoy your time together.

Mary said...

I really think that downsizing our decorating and making donations rather than giving presents has made my Christmas a much calmer one.

I hope you can focus on time spent with family this Christmas and just plan all the things you wanted to do next year when you're not dealing with a back problem.

Latharia said...

Yeah ... but only "right now." And get your lackeys to put on some Santa hats & start decorating!!!! :D

Alisa said...

Hi I posted the peppermint bark recipe on my blog here....

Enjoy!! And your layouts are great!!


Linda said...

another fab entry!!!