Thursday, December 28, 2006

I am all caught up- days 27 and 28!!!!

These past 2 days could not have been more apprpriate for me. When i dedcided to take this week off from work i also decided it was going to be a TRUELY relaxing vacation for me. i was going scrap as much as I wanted, sleep as much as I wanted, nap as much as I wanted, cook as much (or as little) as I wanted and not get out of my pj's or sweats!!!!! I have to say I am having an absolute blast so far!!!! as for today, even though it looks like I totally ripped off shimmel's page this Christmas I was introduced to the starbucks gingerbread latte and I must say I had one every single day during the season. NOT GOOD....well they are really good just not for my waist line. LOL

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

day 26- travel day

it's what we do on the 26th back to our home

day 25- christmas

just my thoughts on having a great christmas this year

Day 24- christmas eve

the funest part of christmas eve is our yankee swap. you must be an adult member of the family for this treat. There are more laughs as we try to decide what it the greatest gift and how are we going to position ourselves to be able to "get" the good gift. or how do you act like the gift you got just isn't that great so no one will take it from you. 1 thing is for sure...never act like you like your gift...that is the sure fire way to get it "stolen" from you

day 23- stockings

Roger's Mom made our stockings, Roger's and mine on our 1st christmas and the boys when they were each born. out stocking only hang on the fireplace for a very short time since we always have a fire going so we place them on the floor with care. LOL

day 22- so much to do

even though we were really low key this year I did not escape the inevitable long list of things to do right before christmas. i am not sure it is even possible to keep it simple

Day 21

Thank God we are not hosting. that way I did not have to worry about what my house was looking like. 1 les stress for me. LOL

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Catching up Days 17, 18, 19 and 20

I have been busy last night and this morning playing catch up with the journal. My favorite of these days is my cards page. I cut pieces of almost every card we got and put them on the page. i did not include the photo cards b/c I have another idea in mind for the pictures plus I didn't want to post photos of people without their permission.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Day 16

well U used my most favorite piece of Christmas paper for this one. I am so in love with this KI Christmas frosty pattern. it was the only one I had and have been hoarding it for a year but just felt the time was right. I also want to give a HUGE shout out to Karen Jones for RAK'ing me these adorable penguins!!!!!! I even made 1 a santa hat and think it looks so cute I may have to spend some time tonight making hats for the rest of them.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Day 15- visitors

everyone we will be seeing over the holiday

day 14- now it begins


day 13- who gets what

this was a more difficult one for me since there is no rhyme or reason as to how our gifts are handed out and it changes from year to year

day 12- change

I am getting lazy now

day 11- learning to love our tree

well we are now amoung the fake tree people and even though it has been several years I still long for my real tree. I miss the real smell of pine. The Yankee Candle Balsm Fir just isn't the same

Day 10- presents

a nice simple day- love this anna griffin paper though

day 9- traditions

here we are blending our families traditions and creating some of our own

Day 8- Visions

Random images and words about christmas

Day 7- Shopping

well not so much this year after the boys decided to donate our christmas to an africian charity. tey make me so happy and proud. Just a few little things need to be bought and that is it

Day 6- the good/The Not So Good

WAY WAY WAY to much to type here. i will upload the page larger so maybe it can be read

Day 5- Advent

We do not do an advent calendar, never have. We have always done an advent wreath

Day 4- an ideal Christmas

The journaling on here is way to much to type out. it is all about how, if time and space where not an issue, I would celebrate my ideal Christmas.... My Dad would not be sick. Roger's Dad would be alive. I would be able to hang out at my hose with both families instead of having to travel 2 hours to see mine.

Day 3- Christmas Cards- I caved

I said I wouldn't do them but the peer pressure got to me and enabled me to have a great journal entry. LOL
"I am not sending christmas cards this year Really I am not...i have no time to make them, sign them & address them. Taking Seth to the play and Jordan to work and Roger traveling it is just to much. Really i am not going to do it. What...Sue will drive Seth... Jordan is not working and has no friends over...I have an entire day free... OK it would be fun to make some simple cards. that picture of us at Bryce would be perfect. I can do this. I can't go a year without sending them. Everyone else is doing it. Peer pressure works."

Day 2- Snow

my ode to snow and to the jopy of making fun paper snowflakes!
"Christmas always brings thoughts of snow. To me there is nothing prettier than christmas lights twinkling in the frest snow. I never feel cozier than when I an stuck in the house... in the middle of a snow storm...curled up on the couch... fire blazing in the fireplace and the smell of the christmas tree in the air.

Day 1- the journal begins

well this blog dies a slow and tourtured death. I decided since I am doing Shimmelle's Christmas journal I would resurect the blog and add my journal entries here. I have 15 entries to add so you can be brave and look at them all or click out of here running and screaming that Karen is up blogging again.

Day 1- Getting Started
This entry is a simple brief one about why I decided to keep the journal : "i am starting this christmas journal in an attempt to jump start the christmas spirit. i have always had a difficult time during the holidy season trying to fullfill comercial expecations and the true meaning of the holiday gets lost. Not this year. this journal will keep me focused on what is real & important. i will find my gofts not in the mall but in truely living the christmas spirit everyday. i will observe & enjoy the beauty of the season, sharing with those I love and who love me. This will be a year to remember!