Saturday, December 16, 2006

Day 1- the journal begins

well this blog dies a slow and tourtured death. I decided since I am doing Shimmelle's Christmas journal I would resurect the blog and add my journal entries here. I have 15 entries to add so you can be brave and look at them all or click out of here running and screaming that Karen is up blogging again.

Day 1- Getting Started
This entry is a simple brief one about why I decided to keep the journal : "i am starting this christmas journal in an attempt to jump start the christmas spirit. i have always had a difficult time during the holidy season trying to fullfill comercial expecations and the true meaning of the holiday gets lost. Not this year. this journal will keep me focused on what is real & important. i will find my gofts not in the mall but in truely living the christmas spirit everyday. i will observe & enjoy the beauty of the season, sharing with those I love and who love me. This will be a year to remember!

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Latharia said...

Clean, classy, simple -- love it!