Thursday, June 17, 2010

Calming Down and Slowing Down

that is how I am going to deal with all the bull&#@(. I normaly operate on overdrive at work. Trying to make sure I get everything done, done perfectly and quickly. Being the best. Notice me notice me. See how good I am. Well That has been a failure so I am slowing down, taking my time, killing them with kindness. It is very difficult to try and slow down to everyone elses speed. Makes me feel like I am crawling. But it should keep me out of trouble

Friday, June 11, 2010

10 things I HATE!!!!!!

I am so angry right now that I could spit. It was such a sucky day. So to try and make myself feel a little better I am going to tell you the 10 things I hate right now and I invite you to reply with your own list!!!

1. Dishonest people who act 1 way to your face and another behind your back!!!
2. The fact that women do not run the world, or at least my little part of it.
3. The System
4. People who make mountains out of molehills for no apparent reason.
5. The fact that girls are treated differently that boys even though it is 2010, yes boys it really is true!!!! Girls are treated differently.
6. That I can not find a scrap of chocolate in my house!!! I hate it when I forget to restock the secret supply.
7. Headaches
8. Finding a new bra that fits great in the store but once you wear it for a day it is so uncomfortable.
9. BP Oil
10. Dirty dishes in the sink.