Friday, June 11, 2010

10 things I HATE!!!!!!

I am so angry right now that I could spit. It was such a sucky day. So to try and make myself feel a little better I am going to tell you the 10 things I hate right now and I invite you to reply with your own list!!!

1. Dishonest people who act 1 way to your face and another behind your back!!!
2. The fact that women do not run the world, or at least my little part of it.
3. The System
4. People who make mountains out of molehills for no apparent reason.
5. The fact that girls are treated differently that boys even though it is 2010, yes boys it really is true!!!! Girls are treated differently.
6. That I can not find a scrap of chocolate in my house!!! I hate it when I forget to restock the secret supply.
7. Headaches
8. Finding a new bra that fits great in the store but once you wear it for a day it is so uncomfortable.
9. BP Oil
10. Dirty dishes in the sink.


kaj said...

Sounds icky. Sorry. (((HUGS)))

Do you really want my list? Okay.

1. Spending $738 to fix my garage door....and it still is not fixed.
2. Pap spears.
3. Knees that hurt all the time.
4. Laundry.
5. Okay, I'll go with the dirty dishes in the sink.
6. Garage door that still doesn't work.
7. Toilet that runs and runs and runs.
8. Bad drivers.
9. Bathing suits.
10. With internet, cell phones, texting, etc., why don't people communicate in a timely manner?

Birdie said...

Was having a good day but I can always find 10 things for you g/f:
1. The fact that Mark can eat anything he wants and still wear the same size clothes he did when I meant him 35+ years ago.
2. Ignorant people.
3. The fact that my boss thinks if he moves to WA his life will be perfect.
4. That little kids are abducted while in route to school.
5. The fact that the best the Democrats have to put forth for a candidate for governor is a washed up has-been like Jerry Brown.
6. Ill-mannered people.
7. Bell peppers.
8. June gloom.
9. The fact that BP scientists actually said if it wasn't for the oil industry there would be no fishing industry in the Gulf because they created the artificial reefs for the sealife.
10. Negative campaigning.

Dalovely Damanda said...

awww, sorry you're having a rough day. :( BIG hugs to you. Hope your weekend gets better.

Here's my list for you:

10. People thinking I'm the only one that can do things. Umm....figure out how to do it yourself!! I DID!
9. Achy joints
8. Headaches
7. I agree with kaj on the pap smears...ugh.
6. Oh, ya...and bathing suits suck
5. Rude people that don't say please/thank you.
4. Dirty dishes
3. Disappointing movies that you think are going to be da-bomb...and they suck.
2. ZITS! I'm freaking old....why do I still need to get pimples???

Lis said...

1. Backstabbing Beotches.
2. Backstabbing Beotches who run to Facebook and post gossip about their "friends".
3. Family Feuds on Facebook. No - not the game - some of my family members is having a nasty feud right now, one myself and several others have chosen to stay the heck out of. It is EXTREMELY nasty, and skeletons have come flying out of the closet.
4. People who drive while talking and texting on their cell phones.
5. Gaining weight.
5. Dieting and exercising in order to lose or maintain weight.
6. People who get offended over nothing.
7. People who create drama out of nothing, I guess just to keep themselves entertained.
8. Me and my family being discriminated against because we're not Hispanic.
9. Coming home to a messy house after being gone 9 hours at work.
10. Laredo.

Christy said...

aww sorry you are having a bad day. I hope tomorrow is better for ya.

marge said...

Hugs and I hope today is better and your list is pretty awesome.