Sunday, December 14, 2008

December 14 Gifts

Gifts are so much less important a part of our holiday these days that I have been finding it difficult to journal about them. I did add a little something for the day though

Basic grey paper (from last year) and letter stickers
MAMBI chipboard sticker
ribbon from HOUSE OF PAPER


Diane said...

Karen, that is so cool what you guys do to limit excessive consumption. It is a testament to you and Roger's parenting that the boys love it too!

Latharia said...

Oh, just awesome! I love how the boys are totally on board with your decision to give more to charity than to each other! The page is just perfect, too -- love that BG!

Johnna said...

Love how this is a new tradition for you guys - its so awesome that the boys are on board as well. Love your papers!!!

Birdie said...

Just proves how great you and Roger have done as parents! Love the Figgy Pudding paper!

Dawn Lindstrom said...

love the BG, and I am going to second what Diane said. You have 2 wonderful boys, that truly have Christmas in their heart.