Saturday, December 22, 2007

December 20- SURPRISE

and what can be more surprising in my life right now that ice damns causing my kitchen roof to leak thus leaving my kitchen looking like this with less than 3 days before our huge christmas eve party. LOL taking in in stride though. For this I used my around the block christmas papers again and some american crafts thickers.


Latharia said...

This will be memorable for years to come!

Dawn Lindstrom said...

Karen, you are looking at it in such a positive light. Unfortunately you can not change things, so just enjoy your family. BTW, they come for the food and family not the perfect roof. Love ya!

Chiara said...

Well such is life love your attitude about it. Have fun with your party

Sarah said...

ah crap!! That sucks. But Dawn's right- they're coming for food and family, not the roof! Way to take the positive side of things!

Tawnya said...

love that you scrapped this
makes me smile
merry christmas sweetie.
you rock!